Chakras, bridges between worlds, levels of consciousness, roads to self-knowledge, divine guides, subtle organs, colour wheels; there are many descriptions of the chakras.

Our subtle body

is flown through by channels (described as nadies or meridians) consisting of the energy, prana, which makes us alive and vital. The energy channels are dependent on the energy of the chakras. In the modern esoteric tradition the chakras are regarded as centers for incoming, outgoing and harmonizing life-energy. They become a bridge between our subtle and material sides.

Chakra The chakra energies shape the diverse levels of function or consciousness that make us up. Here we can develop and understand ourselves; both through yoga positions, breathing practice, visualization and psychologizing. With the help of the chakras we may for instance obtain information about personal states of body and soul and our own potential of development but also about the possible evolution of man and the relation between the spiritual and the material. The chakras are changed through our personal development and can be affected by, among other things, visualization, healing and different forms of therapy. Consequently this means that our consciuosness energy can be changed.

A person who works with the chakras also knows that we can see, percieve and know them in many ways and that all of us do it more or less differently. For instance in the shape of light, heat, colours, images and other symbolic impressions. Like always our own consciousness is the key. Through the chakras we see Man as a free being who is able to use consciousness for self-development to influence his/her energy, comprehension of reality and govern his/her life.
By understanding and working with the chakras (or the Spheres of the Tree of Life) in different ways we´ll be able to increase our awareness of our real potential and even make our development accelerate. It might make it possible for us to influence our lives in ways perhaps unknown to us.

Here you will find a short survey of each Chakra:

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