Numerology is basically a system for interpreting figures. It is founded on esoterical number symbology, all the letters of the alphabet and their form-symbolism. This means that those cultures and languages which have a different alphabet will have their own special influence.
Thus the numbers are seen as archetypes and are used to describe the individual caracters and inner resources of people and a periodical life-development. Using this one tries to help people trust and use their whole capacity through the different stages in life, i.e. to use their free will in the cyclical development.

Throughout history we can find number and form symbology to be an important cornerstone in most advanced cultures. We find it for instance in the Chinese, Indian, Babylonian, Mayan, Greek and Jewish cultures. Numerology, i.e. the way of using number symbology in today´s psychologizing, has only existed a little over one hundred years. The term itself was coined only at the beginning of the 20th century.
One presupposes that there is a meaning in creation and all that happens, that everything, all energy, is connected (cf. C. G. Jung´s theory of syncronicity) and that, to a certain extent, it is possible to gain knowledge of "the state and development of things." This, in it´s turn, means that living energy accordingly influences and is influenced by the cyclical evolution and that as a result it might be important for all of us to be aware of this.
Pythagoras, who lived in the sixth century B.C. is usually regarded as one of the most prominent figures for the development of number symbology in the western world. His philosophical view of the energy of numbers as a kind of matrix, is however considerably more interesting to us today, with our view of the energy world, than his way of interpretating or evaluating them. (Interesting reading: The Pythagorean Sourcebook and Library, compiled and translated by Kenneth Sylvan Guthrie.)

Many people believe that there are "worlds" between mathematics and number symbology. That´s not the case. There is however a long distance between the mathematician´s calculations and the numerologist´s interpretations. Mathematics has of course, through the numbers, roots in number symbology. How to use numbers is nothing obvious. What are numbers really? (Without the qualities that number symbolists ascribe to them.) According to C. G. Jung, they describe the matrix of the archetypes. (See Marie-Louise von Franz: Psyche and Matter; The Synchronicity Principle of C. G. Jung, and M-L von Franz: Number and Time.)

The material that is used for calculations and interpretation consists of the date of birth (year-month-day) and in Sweden also the four last digits in the national registration number. Furthermore we use the letters in the first whole name (christian name, middle names and surname) that was officially registrated i.e. in the national registration. Besides this, which is the fundamental base, adoption names, pet names, marriage names and the persons own officially registered change of names will be compared to the basic information to make up a complete "numerogram". If you want to sell a trade mark, your own company or name, there is a lot more to be considered.

Having worked with numerology for more than thirtyfive years, I know that it is possible to get fantastic information this way, but I´d also like to point out that the information I (or someone else) can give on the web unfortunately will be rather superficial and generalizing. Genuine numerological work is always done on a personal, individual level. To obtain serious information it is necessary to make a thorough interpretation which requires a lot of work. A numerologist enters deeply inte the "worlds of numbers" and the qualities of letter-forms. He/she compares a large number of figure-combinations and numbers to see how they cooperate and what can be obtained from various synthesises. 

Personal Years

It is possible to look at a year from a personal point of view with numerological aspects. With a periodical system in mind you will be able to see your development from another angle. It will not be a prediction but because of that maybe even more interesting. It might give you a lot to look back at, something to think about while planning ahead and hopefully one or two things to contemplate according to syncronicity and your own development.