Chakra knowledge a part of the Paradigm shift

All the above could point to at least two things. On the one hand we need to take a close look at the origins of today´s chakra knowledge. On the other hand we must accept that we adjust the information to our perception of reality, our needs and the development that we´re going through. For many of today´s new seekers chakra knowledge becomes a gateway to awareness of the fact that Man is a spiritual being and as such it is extremely important.

We seem to be in the middle of a paradigm shift concerning our perception of reality. Today we have wonderful opportunities of using old knowledge in new ways when reaching new levels of consciousness. Our Western need for control and search for the provable truth about everything is beginning to be questioned. Not until we can realize that the outer world is a symbol for inner realities can we truly leave the dogmas and start to work on what is.

The highly respected German therapist Thorwald Dethlefsen remarks that the many aspects of esotericism don´t necessarily have to be taken as facts but rather as deeper and more subtle ways of seeing the outer and inner realities. Spiritual development has nothing to do with "having the right ideas" or "the only truth". We find such thoughts in the religions, so overlaid with extraneous matter that they have lost their transformative power. We see it in politics and other hierarchical systems.
For us it´s important to use the esoterical information in an inspired, loving, conscious, genuine and also functional way. We want it to work in practical life situations and we want our spiritual view on man to have positive consequences for all living things.