The Sacral chakra

Svadisthana is one of the seven archetypical chakras, that is, one of our levels of consciousness.
(These original Indian chakras are symbolized by a stylized lotus flower with form symbolism and deities at the bottom. You can see it at the top of this page. We also here include symbolism belonging to the secondary chakras of the modern western chakra tradition.) 

The Sanskrit name Svadisthana means sweetness or "one's own abode". 
Svadhistana is also sometimes called the Genital or Sexual chakra.
Svadisthana is viewed as the second chakra (from the bottom). 



Chakra number


Element (tattva)



western: orange   indian: bluish white

Number of petals





crocodile (Makara) 


moon crescent




Shakti Rakini


the sacral plexus

Association to bodypart

the reproductive system, bodily fluids


ovaries, testicles



Points out

the subconscious, the astral world

Associated sacrament

the Holy Communion  (acc. to C. Myss)

Here the Makara symbolizes our unexplored subconsciousness. It reminds us that we live in two worlds, one visible and one invisible.

Key terms
to understanding the archetypical aspect of Svadhistana:
Understanding the basic polarity, meetings, relations, projections, our subconsciousness, the moon, "water hollows out the stone," creative power, sexuality. 

We can think about our own experiences of and our attitude towards these aspects. We can also seek ways to work with them in an adequate manner.

Chakra visualization can be a wonderful tool in your development and it can help you to realize what you are and who you are. Just because of that it should be used with respect. Particularly if you'r using some breathing technique at the same time.
Being conscious of a chakra and it's aspects means that one activates it to a certain degree. Focused good thoughts and positive energy are also activating. Don't forget that it's your own consciousness that guides the visualization.


Also the Sefirot of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life represent psychic powers or archetypes. The Tree is a picture of Creation.

The Sefira corresponding to Svadhistana is Yesod which means "the foundation" and is situated in the second lowest position in the Tree. 
Yesod belongs to the astral world which is the basis of our material world. It's "the bridge between possibility and reality" also called "the pictorial treasury" which refers to original forms and archetypes. Here creation is at rest before becoming manifest and visible.

Number nine
Archangel  Gabriel


Aspects to meditate on in Yesod:
The astral planes and the universal energies


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