Your Personal Year

Depending on our birthdates we will have different "tones" in our numerological year- development. If we have some knowledge about our numerological year we may perhaps be able to see our life- development in a new light. That might give astounding insights looking backwards but it might also give you better possibilities to plan ahead. Most of all it could heighten the feeling that you are living in a flow of developping energy and that everything has its own time. Maybe you will be more conscious of how things in your life are interrelated and the possibility of syncronicity.

How you will experience your personal year depends on your personal numbers (your personality) and also other bigger periods that the year is a part of. Of course your free will is going to be a very big part of it. Here we will have to look at the year in a very generalizing way. A certain overview of one´s life and an open mind are the only things that are needed to use the information we give here.

Numerological year-development happens in nine-year cycles, which means that the tenth year starts all over again with year one. To get the number of your own personal year you just add together the date of your birthday your birthmonth and the universal year that interests you. Just add till you get one single number.


So if you were born on the 14:th of April and want to know your numerological number for 2017 you just do like this:
14 - 04 - 2017 = 1+4+0+4+2+0+1+7 = 19 = 1+ 9 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1 

From January through December 2017 you will be in a number 1 personal year.
Here we indicate the "tone" of the personal years, to a certain extent and on certain planes. (Please note that these are not predictions.)

Please click the number of the year you want!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


Year 1

This, somehow, means a new start and new possibilities in life. It is the year when you "sow a seed" to start the development of the 9-year cycle, a time for your own ideas and initiatives. Now you probably want to, or have to, set about doing something particular but it´s not certain that you know how to do it. Maybe it feels like a difficult challenge or exciting and positive, that probably depends to a large extent on your own personality. Determination will be needed and you might need to make planes or your own strategy. To a high degree you will have to manage on your own and try to be indepentent as regard the new plans or challenges.
Trust your own intuition as far as possible. It´s an advantage to be active and purposeful, but don´t rush, it´s important to know what you really want. You may feel as though life is testing your willpower and the male part (1) of your self is now strengthened which will give you more strength and stronger will. A "1 year" may sometimes be very transforming, giving you a truly "new" life, but it´s not necessarily revolutionary at all.

As regards your job it might be right to try to advance, launch the project that you´ve been thinking about or prove your worth in general, depending on what you want and where you are in your life. During the first half-year your situation may change by itself in one way or another. After that it´s vital for you to know what you want and to be purposeful. Therefore it pays to be active and leadership is something you shouldn´t be afraid of.

Now you may also need to think more about your health. Good resolutions followed by action is very positive. Especially during the spring it´s good to lead a constructive life because this year may demand a lot of energy. Mental strain may tap your energy reserve so it´s wise to charge both your physical and mental "batteries". Relaxation techniques will prabably be of help but physical exercise is also very important as it put you more in phase with the energy of the year.
You may need to find out what you really want in close relations. You may be acting differently towards your partner and others close to you, taking more initiatives, demanding more space and expressing your will in a way that you haven´t done before. Maybe you even wish to feel what it´s like to manage on your own for a while. This may possibly feel hard both for you and the persons around you. Try to find out why you are feeling the way you do.
Do not blame yourself if you feel that you want to invest more in yourself. This, to a high degree, is a year with focus on yourself, in due course the persons close to you will take their place again.

Your home may be very much in focus this year. It could be a year for moving, for reparing or changing your surroundings on the whole. Many people tend to think about change without doing anything. If you own your home you may experience that things need to be replaced or brake more often than usual. If you are looking for an apartment it´s the time to try even harder. During this year you usually don´t achive very much without making an effort. Sound strategy will certainly not be out of place since this is a new start.
April brings the year the first tone of change but during July you have probably understood what the year is all about. What matters now is to "take hold" of your situation. August and September may be quite busy but after that you´ll probably be able to see the result of the year´s energy and in what direction and what manner you want to go on.



Year 2

The things that you started last year need now to be taken care of and further developed. Patience will be needed and your strong will and own ideas are probably not what´s most important. Instead you are likely to find that it is the small details, perseverance, your close friends, cooperation and agreements that matter the most. You may be very busy. Try to find the time for rest and "your own moments of stillness" because you won't have as much energy as last year.
This is a year for inner experiences. Your emotional life is very important. This means that you who usually live in the world of emotions will have to be careful not to let your oversensitivity take over and undermine your self-confidence. Because of this also projections onto others may cause you problems. The number two has to do with the unconscious dimensions which is sometimes evident in a particularly rich dreamlife, but other things that have been "lying under the surface" may also be brought up again. In that case try to cope with it as best as you can and regard it as a possibility for further self-development. Rosen therapy may be a soft help in this year´s process, perhaps you'd like to use tai chi or yoga to obtain inner balance.

In your work it's all about adjustment, coperation and partnership. It may be decisions that must be taken where you are forced to make important choices and find this very difficult. Take your time. After a one year there's a lot to follow up and you must use your experience. Papers, minutes, contracts and other items with important passages in small type may need some extra attention so that every detail is right. It often takes some time to get into the new energies in a 2 year.

Relations are important. You'll probably experience how important people are in your life. We really need each other in many ways. It will be easier for you to live your female (2) self and to percieve the emotional needs and mental state of others. It may actually be that all of a sudden you find it much easier to listen to others and to care, but see to it that you don't start worrying and caring excessively, if that's already part of your nature. If there has been strong tension in your relationship you may now find the lack of harmony devastatingly great. Maybe you try to bridge the gap and get closer to your partner or you may feel that you've had enough.

In your home you may feel that details are more important than usual, but be careful not to get stuck in perfectionism and keep in mind that the persons around you probably don't have the same year as yourself. Consider how important your environment is and relish being able to appreciate more the small things and in the midst of everything being able to be "here and now" in what you are doing.
Your health is dependant on your emotional life even more than usual. As I mentioned before it's a good idea to use soft therapies, probably one where bodily contact is one of the main ingredients. You may feel unusually receptive now and might have some wonderful experiences. The month of March may bring a kind of change with new contacts or interests. July-August might give quite a lot of deep thought about people and/or your future. Take your time and make room for your thoughts. October should be a social month where you can strengthen your self-esteem through some kind of creativity. Maybe you now feel unusually excited about your future, but that of course depends on what's happened earlier that year.



Year 3

The 3 year is a year when much attention should be paid to everything dealing with creativity, inspiration and imagination. You should use your own creative resources as much as possible and also look for situations that could stimulate your creativity. You may feel inclined to change your looks, your style or enlarge your wardrobe. Be the object of your own creativity, if you like, and let it increase your self-esteem. Feel that you are doing it for your own sake and not for others.
Friends and social situations may be very rewarding. This doesn't mean that all of a sudden you'll become a socially active person if you're actually an introvert who shuns groups ,but it means that in spite of that, right now, you may have something to gain from group-situations, even though you're more or less forced into them or just happen to find yourself there. As I've mentioned concerning the end of year 2, self-confidence is an important factor this year. Negativity and jealousy are apt to darken your life if your self-esteem is too low.
What about your self-knowledge? What aspects of your personality are you willing to accept. Are you able to look at yourself from a distance, can you stand losing face without feeling that the world is falling apart? Remember that people who are outwardly strong seldom are deep inside. Here there may be lessons to learn to make you become stronger inside and dare do more of the things you really want.

You who are social by nature should use the year to choose and create situations where you can feel that you're standing on the "stage of life" or on the whole make yourself visible. It is also time to use your ambition. In some books on numerology it says that this is a year for luck and happiness without the slightest negativity. This of course must be taken with some healthy scepticism. It is a year for positiveness and optimism, but those things come from within to be sure, so try consciously to think and act in a positive spirit.
This is the year when "the plant shall bloom" as they say. In reality it could mean that something of what you've just started or been working for during the last two years may be achieved. Maybe you yourself should be made more visible in some way.

In your work it's important to be social and creative, but don't split your forces. The latter is one of the year's great challenges. Effort, self-discipline and focusing on what you want is necessary even though it could mean a strain on your good spirits.
Friends really could mean a lot even for your ambition. If you are an emotional nature it's possible that you'll fall in love now, anyway your emotions are very volatile and it's advisable to remember that they can change in a wink. Don't be surprised if you find your inner life a little chaotic.

Beauty surrounding you makes you feel especially good this year, flowers and colours can do a lot. Your health could to a high extent be dependent on your emotional life. Try to look for situations where you know that you'll enjoy yourself. Remember that laughter and joy can dissolve stress deep within and be of help whether you are healthy or ill.
This year may begin with quite a lot of work. During July it's advisible to be creative in a way that suites you. The months September and October could be especially rewarding as far as communication and your social life are concerned if you have had the possibility to make plans and work in the direction described earlier.



Year 4

This year aimes at the future, practical matters are the most important. Many things should be falling into place now. This can be particularly evident if your birtday is on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st. You have a possibility to look things over and to get things sorted out that are not working well. Details, routine and ability to concentrate are among the most important words this year. Consider what these concepts stand for and what bearings they have upon the things in your life that you want to improve or realize.
Whether you'r very busy or unemployed you can sometimes feel crowded. You're building for the future now and somehow laying a foundation for something in your life. What's solidly founded now will probably be useful years ahead. Moreover this is a good opportunity to try and strengthen or stabilize your economical situation whether it means working hard, being stingy or investing money.

This year could be likened to the construction of a house. The foundation, which takes time and planning, patience and carefulness is the most important to achieve good quality. Without a solid foudation, the most beautiful house will be uninhabitable. ( An amazing number of my clients by the way, have either built or enlarged their houses during the year 4.)
It's also good to build yourself up both physically and mentally during the 4 year. Go to the bottom with things that you feel uncertain about to get a more secure inner base to rest on. You may have to break through certain barriers to gain access to your whole capacity. This is the right time to go deeper into yourself. In retrospect it may even turn out to be a really transforming year.
Health is specially important, both your own and that of those closest to you. Don't leave symptoms unexamined and don't forget a sound diet or exercise because you may be sapping your energy rather heavily. Honesty, character and good judgment are important parts of this year's energy and can therefore be put to the test. Act from your innermost self and don't be too impulsive. Feel that you can really answer for your actions.

This may sound like a dull year besides your job, but that's absolutely not the case. The year really has many fine aspects to offer and the social connections are mostly quite obvious. New contacts that you make now can be deep and rewarding and prove to be important in the future. A great deal of them can be made in connection with your job.
Your own emotional life can get another more serious tone. Family, relatives and your closest friends will be important. These relations may demand time and energy but will also give you a lot. Consider that perseverance pays in professional situations and make an extra effort with a lot of patience when you think it's needed.
The year usually begins in an active manner. In May it can be a good idea to be especially judicious about details and certain situations may require special efforts during the summer months. Maybe you'll experience a more easygoing social energy in August and will be able to plan for many pleasant hours with people you like. From October onwards a new tone may enter your life that gives your thoughts a new direction or makes you feel that you're entering a different flow.



Year 5

This year should make change and development possible and could involve some unexpected and perhaps sudden change of events. Adjustment and an open attitude may be required. This can be especially evident if your birthday is on the 5th, 14th or 23rd. Depending on your personality and larger cycles developments will be due either to your own actions or events outside your control.
This year can be very eventful, something in your life may take a completely new turn. It may also develop into a year when you wish for change but don't know how to tackle the situation and therefore feel somewhat frustrated and impatient. If everything's actually ok but you're feeling bored, don't do anything you'll regret just to get variation. Try to turn your restlessness into something concrete and use your energy to realize new ideas or projects.

New experiences are needed now, and on some plane you'll probably have them. If you're very afraid of changes, this year may bring feelings of insecurity, so you'd better train yourself to be more adaptable and trusting. Set your mind on exploring something new, obtain new knowledge and try consiously to be open for new opportunities that you come across. It's a good idea to travel to get new impressions if you feel like it and have the economic means and do remember that the word communication is a keyword when describing the number five.

The changes that you make may have something to do with an underlying almost subconsious need to revolt or speak your mind. It may be something left undone during your childhood or a behaviour that you need to put an end to. You know yourself if it feels absolutely necessary to do what you want to do right now. One of this year's challenges, as I mentioned earlier, is to "burn one's bridges" and maybe later regret it. This may be remedied by taking a break and trying to feel if you can stand for what you are doing. The senses, with the sensual side of life, may be more obvious this year and your ability to experience them could increase.

One often longs to be somewhere else this year. Someone longs to travel, someone longs to move or change jobs, someone else want's a new partner. All this is in a way natural for the year. The changes that you make, however, will not necessarily be permanent. If you change jobs you'll perhaps find a new one next year and if you move, you may be moving again within a couple of years. It's the development that's important, movement as such. If you find your situation negative, it may be the right time to try to change it for the better now. Renewal is in the air.

The months April and May are probably the most evident during the year. In April you may feel uncertain about something special. May can bring new thoughts and ideas into your life, maybe even a totally new situation or feeling. Try to make use of the existing tendencies to change and steer them if possible in the direction that you like.



Year 6

This year's energies are caracterized by the term "wholeness." It concerns all aspects of yourself but also your relation to those around you. This can be particulary evident if your birthday is on the 6th, 15th or 24th. This year the assumimg of responsibility manifests itself in many different ways. It may for exemple concern body and soul, your home, the sharing of responsibility with relations, both private and professional.
Your attitude towards others and your "good will" may be brought more into focus. Your role within your social structure where you're living will be more obvious to you. Your ability to be a good friend, a good partner or a fine advisor can be of extra value both for yourself and others. You will notice that doing things freely and with joy is totally different from doing them under pressure thinking that you have to do them.
The idea is for you to take your responsibility without being burdened by it and at the same time to set your own limits. You need to adapt your commitment to your own capability. Mostly there will be a lot of things to do. Perhaps it's something that was initiated the previous year that now should be improved or completed. Real comittment is setting the right tone for everything you're doing now whatever it is.

Your interest in body and soul can be stronger than usual, take the opportunity to make something of this interest. A certain sensitivity, almost of the intuitive kind, could be felt and this could increase your interest in soul-searching. If the technique suits you this is the right time to start with yoga or similar practises connecting the physical body with other planes of consciousness. You may also long to develop your intuition.

You may look at your job in a new light, even things that you usually find tedious can give you a feeling of satisfaction once you're through with them. It may be that you realize that nothing that happens in our "interwoven" universe is meaningless. Don't forget your commitment and to appreciate yourself for what you'r doing, others are not certain to see it.

This year you can attract people who are able to help you understand the setting of limits, cooperation and the different aspects of love in life. Try to look at it with a mature eye and you may get a lot out of it. Your close relations may feel very important and at the same time require a lot of work. If you have a new love it could be a marvellous time. Many steady relationships are established and deepened this year.
But on the other hand, if your relation has reached the stage where you feel annoyed by the tooth-paste tube, many small things certainly can increase your irritation now. Maybe it's time for questions like "why do I feel like this"? Maybe you've been considering your relation for some time in which case it's perhaps time to do something about it. Just remember that you are the one who has the number 6 year energy with all it's feelings and strong commitment.
Your relation to your children, parents and also your pets can also be very evident as far as responsibility and love are concerned. Perhaps you'll need to put in an extra effort now. Don't forget neither the good will nor your ability to set limits and try consciously to find the loving tone.

Your home might be more important now. Maybe you establish a new home through moving or a change in relations. Try to accentuate the harmony in the surroundings and create the feeling of beauty and comfort that you want to achieve.
It's possible that this year begins with a tone of responsibility already in January. Maybe you feel forced to look more closely at your relationships during March or May, anyway by this time you should be able to see what kind of loving feeling you need to deepen this year to find true harmony.



Year 7

Now is a time for questioning things and analysing your situation.Your gifts of this year will probably be connected with inwards listening. It usually takes some time to notice the new tone in your life since the previous years intense and absorbing energies are generally dominating the first months. It is however, time to put in a lower gear even though this year on an outer plane demands as much energy and activity as every other year.
One way or another it will probably turn out like that even though you had planned to drive on like before. There may be changes caused by something external but they could just as well be very subtle and start inside you without your noticing the transmission. It could be specially obvious if your birthday is on the 7th, 16th or 25th.

Now is the time to rest, maybe take a timeout or quite simply to give more time to yourself. Your outer life has probably been dominant for a long period and now it's time for your inner life to play a greater role. Maybe you're feeling exhausted and burned out.
It may also be that you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you have loads of time to consider matters that you normally don't give a thought. Now subconscious feelings can manifest themselves in doubts and thoughts. Perhaps you'll find that what used to be perfectly right now isn't satisfying any more. There is a need to get in touch with your inner self to get new answers to your life situation this year.
Nature could offer you wonderful experiences. Fresh air, clear water, soft wind could really be felt like gifts of God now. Music or litterature could also be roads leading inwards to beautiful planes within yourself. You'll perhaps find that you need to enter more deeply into one of your fields of interest. Studies might be just the right thing even if you haven't thought about that before.
Maybe you even feel a need to withdraw that is not really your style. If this should cause problems with those around you, remember that your present need for solitude will benefit them in the long run. Have you ever considered meditation? If you have, this could be the right time to start or take it up again. Look for stillness and silence in a way that suits you. If you are a spiritual seeker you may gain new understanding and insights during the year.

It could be that you find yourself falling ill more often now. If that is the case, try to listen to the true needs of your body more.
It may also be that the year presents itself in the form of uncertainty and a feeling of not knowing how things will develop. It may be difficult to choose, difficult to look ahead. Consider your aimes and motivation. Don't become impatient. Perhaps things don't come out the way you had thought, perhaps in a better way. Usually the plans at the beginning and at the end of the year look rather different. The number 7 has something of "the fool" about it and this unexpected, surprising element usually caracterises some distinct event of the year. As regards your professional situation it's a good idea to take on things that give you a little distance to your everyday tasks and the duty calling. It's all about finding time for breathing-space.
July is often a month when some kind of change or event occurs that has a direct connection with the tone of the year. This is also a good month for some mental stimulation. From september on you should be able to act in a more distinct way and the path could seem to clear up.



Year 8

Now is the time to be realistic and concrete. Dreams and hopes only are hardly enough. This is a year for action. Opportunities for development and expansion may arise through increased efficiency and organizational skill. Your strength of caracter and ambition could be tested and you may have to ask yourself where you stand as a person and what you want. Try to gain control over things that you're able to and need to control and feel that you're taking responsibility for your own life.
This could be especially evident if your birthday is on the 8th, 17th or 26th. It's likely that you now, on some plane, are able to manage a bit more than you have thought earlier. The year 8 has a powerful underlying dynamics. If you should like to take chances you ought to remember that this is also "the year of good judgment". It's crucial to know your own limits and capabilities and to feel that you'r always standing on solid ground and not "flying away". It's probable that you'll be actively trying to improve or stabilize your economic situation, that would be just the right timing.
If you find the above strange, please let me point out that the year, of course, won't affect your personality, but you'll probably get opportunities to train balancing your inner strength in order to experience your own inner authority. Balance is important, both inside yourself, in economic matters and in relation to others.

The idea this year is for you to be able to help yourself more to life but of course not at the expense of others. It's important not to let your sensitivity challenge you, but just as important not to be insensitive. What is your relations to other authorities? It can be very instructive to study your own reactions to provocations that may occur. Are you easily provoked? How do you react then? There may be a lot to learn about yourself here, use this opportunity to increase your own inner strength.

It's possible that you get a feeling of "going back" this year, i.e. you may find yourself in a situation that you recognize. It may be things in your job that you thought you had finished or an emotional state that you haven't experienced for a long time. Regard this as a possibility to handle these ituations differently now. You may be surprised that you have a more mature way of looking at things, that you can continue on a different level. Some relationships may be very intense. You may be influenced by others in a special way. You might even call some relationships karmic.
Anyway, as I said before, it's a good idea to consider your reactions to others. Are you challenged in a positive or negtive way? Are you attracted or do you feel dislike? It could be rewarding to look at your own feelings and remember that they preferably should not guide you regarding important matters. You'll probably experience that common sense, objectivity and good judgment are most important.
In February already some new opportunity may appear. Don't overrate your abilities at the beginning of the year. Your strength is likely to increase in the spring when you'll also possibly have more to do. October through November can be an intense period. When November is over you may have made a new decision or you may find your thoughts going in a new direction.



Year 9

This is a year of transformation from one numerological cycle to another. It means that you round off a period of experience. It can be especially evident if your birthday is on the 9:th, 18:th or 27:th. This could of course offer new opportunities. It could mean surveys and terminations but also openings to and preparations for something new. It often involves new winds in the form of thoughts, feelings and experiences.

The intensity of your emotional life may increase and this of course will be most evident if you're already an emotional person. Maybe you'll make the most of this by engaging in things that you like, that are close to your heart. Perhaps your engagement could be used in philantropic activities and in a general openess to, and acceptance of, people and their individuality. It's common that totally new thoughts and interests appear, that go far beyond your usual interests. To have an open mind may be a sensible attitude.

The number nine has a transgressing energy that could have something to do with travelling or cultural exchange, where the large connections and the whole world become important. It might also be connected with inner jouneys i.e. inner experiences that go beyond the usual sphere of consciousness. You may find it interesting to enter deeply into spirituality, mysticism or religion.

It could be a good idea to take stock of your habits and life-patterns now and perhaps give up some of those that you feel are negative for you. A certain form of cleansing is often evident. It may work on many different levels.
(A striking number of my clients, old and young, have told me of having had an unusual urge to sort out their belongings, clothes and papers, to see what has served it's time. It is after all in the small everyday life that we experience most of our development, even though we often like to think of it as great exciting events. Here it can be seen symbolically, what is being done in your outer life is also taking place as an inner cleansing. There is always an interactivity between our different levels of consciousness.)

Consequently this is often an emotionally intense and engaged year. You may, however, feel a certain weariness from the spring onwards. Take a medical check-up if you feel very tired and have your blood values tested for example. This year's energy is not very physically vigorous, you see, which may show itself in tiredness and sometimes a certain disinspiritedness. It's probably something passing. From September or October you'll probably feel differently. Perhaps you'll feel that you've now gone through quite a lot that you've been able to use. Hopefully you'll now be able to look forward to next year and period with new confidence and strength.