Colour for soul and body


First and foremost, colours affect our emotions, our "emotional body" and produce an immediate response which is relatively short-lived (however an impression remains as an idea) but the more the colours affect us and the more we consciously use them, they will influence our whole being. The more we will also know about them and ourselves. When colour is not dependent on our liking but on our consciousness, it gains new dimensions.
This page is meant to make it possible for you to find out how you experience the colours. You can also pick a certain colour for visualization, healing or energy balance.

 You could sit for a while and just take in the colours one after the other  thinking about how you acctualy experience  them. What´s your first impression? What does it remind you of? Is it positive or negative?  What does it feel like? Describe the sensation.



You can click on the colours above and read something about your choice of colour


If you want to make use of the colours for healing or balancing: 

Try to feel which one of the colours above gives you a sense of what you need right now. Which one would you like just to sink into and be in for a while.
If you are calm and relaxed and open to the colours you may be able to feel that the colour that attracts you most is acctually talking to you, filling your consciousness with it´s energy.
You might even feel as though the angels of the colours were there with their healing presence. 









For visualization

Here above you can see the visualization colours in the so called healing-triangle.
For body, soul and spirit.
The orange-coloured one is an exellent visualization-colour when you want to increase your vitality and energy and
strengthen your positivity.
The green one is soothing and balancing for your feelings  and may be used when you´ve gone through a turbulent period and need to calm the waves.
The violet one is a stimulating colour for the higher aspect of your self and may guide you toward
inner clarity and spiritual joy.

Choose the colour that you feel you are in need of.
Take a deep, nice relaxing breath. Visualize the colour clear and luminous like a cloud that surrounds you and that you can sit in, quite undisturbed, for a while.
If you are an experinced visualizer you may also use the colours in everyday situations, on the bus for instance. (ofcourse not if you are driving a car) These visualizations can be very useful!

If you heal yourself or others these colours may be a wonderful help. If you find it very difficult to visualize you could instead get one or several objects in the colour you feel that you need and keep them in sight of you. Now and then you could focus on them and make yourself conscious of the colour.


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